Sebastian Grant

Sebastian Grant

Highly experienced senior developer and tech lead with a wealth of knowledge in all matters regarding the design, architecture, build and marketing of SaaS platforms, web/mobile apps and high end websites.

My main focus is architecting scalable, maintainable web applications and platforms but I also take great pleasure in engaging, nurturing and guiding junior developers.

I LOVE solving problems and building things!


I'm ridiculously passionate about all aspects of my industry from the technical details to the social impact of what we're doing, I could be considered to be obsessed.

I am highly motivated, driven and focused; I take pride in the quality of work I produce and produced by my teams and am happy to take on responsibility and accountability for large projects, knowing that I can and will do anything I can to bring them in on time, on budget and to sufficient quality.

Key Skills

Web/Software Development

Code. All the code. I have many years experience in writing code for the web, for mobile apps, desktop apps, API's and frameworks.

As a more specific list of technologies I'm experienced with:

Technical Leadership

The role of Tech Lead is a complex, difficult, relatively undefined one but can be very rewarding. Responsibilities include:

Employment History

Global Tech Lead + Dev Team Manager

Wayin (Jan 2017-Present)

Technical Lead for the Client Services group of Wayin Inc. Wayin provide a number of software platforms for digital campaign management and social conversation curation.

Having spent almost seven years developing the platform at EngageSciences/Wayin, I have moved over to the Services group to help provide structure and experience to the distributed team of developers.

Responsibilities include:
- Train/nurture and manage globally distributed team of developers
- Work with PM's to provide accurate costings and project SOW's
- Code reviews
- Reduce technical debt
- Formalise development process
- Provide platform resources for internal / third party developers

Senior Software Engineer

Wayin (Apr 2016-Dec 2016)

As a result of the merger between EngageSciences and Wayin Inc, I was promoted to Senior Software Engineer, as part of a much larger Engineering Team

Software Developer

EngageSciences (May 2010-Apr 2016)


Tel: 07595 351660
LinkedIn: sebastiangrant
Twitter: @seb_grant
GitHub: seb-grant


References and examples of past work are available on request.