Sebastian Grant | Developer, Salisbury, UK

Sebastian Grant | Freelance Web, Application & Software Developer

Hi, I'm Sebastian,

a web, application and software developer with many years experience designing, building and promoting web sites and applications.

My main focus is writing clean, maintainable, standards-compliant code for websites and applications, but I am also experienced in designing brand identities and digital products.

I also enjoy photography and a selection of my images can be seen below.

Sebastian Grant | Freelance Web, Application & Software Developer


I am currently far too busy with the day job and photography projects so am only considering additional work by personal recommendation.

Casual games from Skelli Studios

Skelli Studios

Skelli Studios is my foray into designing, developing and building games for mobile devices.

It started as a challenge to design, build and release a mobile game on at least one App Store in a two week vacation period.

The game I ended up building was a pairs-matching game, aimed at helping very young children learn to differentiate between colours, shapes and objects and was considered a huge success by my 18 month son.



An educational game for babies and small children, aiming to help children recognise shapes, colours and objects.

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